MS Management Sciences


Programs Offered

MS Management Sciences

Duration: 2 Years (4 Semesters)

Eligibility Criteria: BBA/BSAF/B.COM (4 Years) and MBA (2 Years) with minimum CGPA 2.50/4.00 or equivalent (55%), UW Entry Test or GAT-General (Minimum 50% Marks) or GRE-General (Minimum 50 Percentile)
Total Credit Hours (CH): 31

The courses in MS in Management Sciences degree program are categorized as:
Core Courses: 13 credit hours
Elective Courses: 12 credit hours
Thesis: 6 credit hours.

Core Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
MGT-602 Research Methodology 1+0
MGT-612 Management Theories and Practices 3+0
MGT-714 Corporate Governance 3+0
MGT-722 Advanced Strategic Marketing 3+0
MGT-741 Decision Making Techniques for Managers 3+0

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
MGT-623 Marketing Theory and Practices 3+0
MGT-626 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3+0
MGT-628 E-Marketing 3+0
MGT-632 Behavioural Finance 3+0
MGT-638 Financial Systems and Regulations 3+0
MGT-639 Contemporary Issues of Finance 3+0
MGT-643 Human Resource Management Theories 3+0
MGT-644 Labour Relations Management 3+0
MGT-645 Performance Management 3+0
MGT-648 Recruitment and Selection 3+0
MGT-724 Consumer Behaviour: Building Marketing Strategies 3+0

Elective Courses

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
MGT-725 Societal Marketing 3+0
MGT-727 Industrial Marketing 3+0
MGT-729 Contemporary Issues of Marketing 3+0
MGT-731 Advanced Strategic Finance 3+0
MGT-733 Advanced Financial Risk Management 3+0
MGT-734 Financial Econometrics 3+0
MGT-735 Advanced Topics in Islamic Banking & Finance 3+0
MGT-736 Financial Modelling 3+0
MGT-737 Advanced Portfolio Management 3+0
MGT-742 Advanced Strategic HRM 3+0
MGT-747 Salary and Compensation Management 3+0
MGT-748 Economics of Strategy 3+0
MGT-749 Contemporary Issues of Human Resource Management 3+0


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
( Th + Lab )
MGT-799 Thesis* 6