Sustainability Scorecard

Setting and Infrastructure (SI)

Indicator Score
Sl.1 The ratio of open space area to total area 75
Sl.2 Total area on campus covered in forest vegetation 0
Sl.3 Total area on campus covered in planted 150
Sl.4 Total area on campus for water absorption besides the forest and planted 50
Sl.5 The total open space area divided by total campus population 150
Sl.6 Percentage of university budget for sustainability efforts within a year 0

Energy and Climate Change (EC)

Indicator Score
EC.1 The ratio of open space area to total area 100
EC.2 Smart building implementation 0
EC.3 Number of renewable energy source in campus 75
EC.4 Total electricity usage divided by total campus populat on 300
EC.5 The ratio of renewable energy production divided by total energy usage per year 200
EC.6 Elements of green building implementation as reflected in all construction and renovation policies 150
EC.7 Greenhouse gas emission reduction program 150
EC.8 Total carbon footprint divided by total campus populat on 300

Waste (WS)

Indicator Score
WS.1 Recycling program for university's waste 0
WS.2 Program to reduce the use of paper and plastic on campus 75
WS.3 Organic waste treatment 0
WS.4 Inorganic waste treatment 75
WS.5 Toxic waste treatment 150
WS.6 Sewage disposal 75

Water (WR)

Indicator Score
WR.1 Water conservation program & implementations 150
WR.2 Water recycling program implementation 0
WR.3 Water efficient appliances usage 0
WR.4 Consumption of treated water 0

Transportation (TR)

Indicator Score
TR.1 The total number of vehicles (cars and motorcycles) divided by total campus' population 150
TR.2 Shuttle services 225
TR.3 Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) poicy on campus 50
TR.4 The totalnumber of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) divided by total campus population 0
TR.5 The ratio of the ground parking area to total campus area 100
TR.6 Transportation program designed to limit or decrease the parking area on campus for the last 3 years 50
TR.7 Number of transportation initiatives to decrease private vehicles on campus 0
TR.8 Pedestrian path on campus 225

Education and Research (ER)

Indicator Score
ER.1 The ratio of sustainability courses to totalcourses/modules 75
ER.2 The ratio of sustainability research funding to total research funding 150
ER.3 Scholarly publications on sustainabiity 75
ER.4 Events related to sustainability 150
ER.5 Student organizations related to sustainabiity 150
ER.6 University-run sustainabity website 50
ER.6 Sustainability repor1 25