Computer Science

Department Code: CS


The Department of Computer Science imparts quality education in the field of Computer and Information Technology. The Department offers the degrees of BS (HONS) and aspires to prepare top quality graduates for the job market by providing them with up-to-date education in Computer Science. Our programs are very competitive and benchmarked with the HEC recommended curricula to enhance the students’ personal, social, and cognitive development. The department also inculcates in students a quest for lifelong learning to address the evolving needs of industry, academia, and society. This ensures a foundation for continued and sustainable career growth in the relevant field for our students.

The department owns a number of foreign qualified diverse faculty as well as the faculty from the renowned national institutions. Our faculty strives for pre-eminence in disseminating new knowledge on computing by using modern pedagogy. The department provides students with a stimulating and challenging environment while, at the same time, prepares competent professionals who have sound knowledge in the field of computing and information technology.


To be amongst the leading computing faculties, producing academically competent, socially responsible and ethically strong computing graduates to play a productive role in the economic development of society.


The Department of Computer Science aims at imparting cutting-edge computing knowledge and skillset by offering computing programs in a conducive academic and research environment, while upholding high ethical and professional standards.