Dean Basic Sciences
Prof. Dr. Uzma Ghazanfar

Education is a lifelong process that does not end in specific field of knowledge. Academic Programs, continuous education, with research culture are all the part of pedagogical process that we stress in the mission and objectives at University of Wah (UW).

In this area of ever-enchanting technology, which has converted its vibrant world into a global village, there is a need to embellish our thoughts with quality education and human values. This cannot be achieved by money or influence alone but through a real knowledge and understanding. So, I welcome all of you to the Faculty of Basic Sciences, UW for your graduate studies. Faculty of Basic Sciences is committed to scholarly excellence and student success regardless to any creed and norms. Of the five Faculties, Basic Sciences leads the University in research, is first in student enrollment, its programs will meet and even exceed your expectations. We offer a wide range of academic programs including BS, MS and PhD in Biosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics with BS in Statistics with diversified research options for professional qualification and growth. The Faculty of Basic Sciences is ambitious to undertake research and development activities in a big way leading to creation of new knowledge in the chosen fields. Our Graduates are not only highly employable but also intellectually entrepreneurial to benefit themselves, their colleagues and the community.

We offer a dynamic, secure and high-quality learning environment that will help to shape your future. We wish you an educational experience that you will always remember with happy memories and long-lasting friendships.

Stay blessed
Prof Dr Uzma Ghazanfar
Dean, Faculty of Basic Sciences