Contemporary Issues in Biosciences (CIB)

29 March, 2017


To meet the future demands of food security without posing threats to environment is a tough challenge. Currently climate change, pesticide resistance and shortage of water at critical times during the crop growth are certainly major issues in plant sciences. Energy crisis and global warming are also to be addressed. Plants need to be explored for solving the energy crisis and there is a great need to find a balance between the use of plants for food and fuel. Plants might also be used to ameliorate global warming. Worldwide nanotechnology especially nanobiotechnology is emerging as a new area in modern science which has the capability to address wide range issues from medicinal solutions to eco friendly options. The social impact of nanotechnology are the prospective benefits and challenges that the summary of novel nanotechnological devices and materials may grip for society and human interaction. Green nanotechnology raises to the use of nanotechnology to improve the environmental sustainability of processes creating negative externalities.