Community Services at UW

With a deep focus on the ideals of holistic education and constructive impact on the social disharmonies, University of Wah (UW) strives and stays focused in pursuance of its community and social services goals. There awaits a plethora of dimensions in local communities and underprivileged sub-populations that demand sincere consideration and care of the resourceful sectors. UW, being aware of its social responsibility, manifests a number of initiatives in social services for institutional, and community change.

The University acknowledges and ensures engagement of students in their respective communities as volunteers during their pursuit of education. These attributes are needed in the work place and also motivate the students for their future constructive role for the benefit of society. Hard skills are acquired in the classroom, while these soft skills are developed through collaborating with other people and traversing new situations. Some of the major areas where UW faculty and students are currently engaged can be accessed through navigation links.