7th Multi Disciplinary Student Research International Conference (MDSRIC)

29-30th November 2022

Don't miss out on the abstract/full-length paper submission deadline.

Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization, University of Wah (ORIC-UW) is organizing 7th Multi Disciplinary Student Research International Conference from 29-30th November 2022. The conference will be multi-disciplinary covering diverse topics from the areas of Basic Sciences, Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering and Computer Sciences. It invites unpublished research papers on topics covered under these broad areas.

University of Wah (UW) is pursuing professional development of students for enhancement of their technical knowledge, management and communication skills in line with standards and practices. The scope of the conference is to provide a national forum for students at different levels (MS, MPhil, PhD) in general and undergraduate level in particular, to share their research achievements. UW is trusted with the responsibility of promoting a healthy culture of research and innovation along with nurturing of technical presentation capabilities in front of a diverse audience in the form of technical paper for validation and further endorsement of their contribution at a professional level.